Tahiti is the biggest & most glamorous tropical island, situated in the Pacific Ocean having a population of around 240,000 individuals in French Polynesia.

Tahiti consists of two round-formed regions, which  are skinny, narrow isthmus connects known as the Plateau of Taravao. The northwestern region is known as Tahiti Nui (‘ Tahiti that was large’), while the region to the southeast is identified as Tahiti Iti (‘ Tahiti that was little’).

Papeete is home to the sole international airport. The inside is mostly unpopulated, although the shore around Papeete is greatly populated. Tahiti Iti is quite isolated, and will only be attained on foot or by boat.

The people consists of mainly of Polynesians using the remainder composed of mixed tradition, Chinese and Europeans.

Covered by verdant rainforests, Tahiti’s the inner regions are home to an abundance of flowering crops, ferns and lovely trees with gushing flowing rivers, waterfalls and deep valleys. Tahiti’s coastal regions are scattered with fields and tall palm-trees of blossoms.

Tahiti is a world beyond other island destinations. It is a land of classic beauty lagoons, traditions that are ancient, pure, untouched beaches and intoxicating aromas. These exotic venues lend themselves to a vacation that surpasses all other escapes.

Moorea charms visitors with her emerald mountains and sandy shores; Bora-Bora romances lovers with her tender lagoons of unbelievable blue and turquoise; Huahine, Raiatea, and Taha’an captivate explorers using their verdant vanilla plantations and early maraes; Rangiroa as well as the Tuamotu Atolls beckon divers using their untouched coral reefs and vibrant marine life; along with the remote Marquesas Islands enchant adventurers using their craggy cliffs and soaring mountain peaks.

Underneath you’ll find amazing vacation packages to Tahiti’s islands, including romantic honeymoons and island specials that are great, plus descriptions of their resorts, the exquisite islands as well as their ill-famed overwater bungalows. Whether planning an unforgettable honeymoon, a spontaneous holiday or a particular vacation, start your trip with Tahiti Legends.


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